The Migraine Game

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Learn the terminology and take control!

Being able to advocate for yourself when navigating a migraine world is something we can all be better at ??. It can be SO confusing when doctors and healthcare professionals throw a whole bunch of words at you while you TRY to keep up. ??

The Migraine Game is designed to help in learning the medical definitions in a migraine world but to also smile along the way. The more you play, the more comfortable you will get with migraine-related terminology.

Why should you play?

Play the game and educate yourself on the terminology surrounding migraines! The best way to navigate a migraine world is to know what all the definitions are. The next time you are at a doctor’s appointment, an insurance meeting, the emergency room or faced with a difficult term, you can now feel more confident by knowing the terminology. Advocate for yourself or a loved one!

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How can you play?

Available within the app, you will be regularly delivered questions you can play and answer. So, have a look in the “Discover” section of the Migraine Buddy App and play along!

How to invite your friends?

Learn and challenge your friends and relatives so that they get to know more about your condition too. The wider the understanding about migraine the more people can be helped!

If you enjoy the game and think it’s a great learning tool, you can let others know by sharing your buddy link in-app!

“Migraine is invisible, the right words makes it visible”