What is Migraine Buddy?

Migraine Buddy is an advanced tracking app used to record and monitor migraines. Designed with neurologists and data-scientists, Migraine Buddy offers the most intuitive and comprehensive features available in a migraine-tracking app. It is available for download on the Apple Store and Google Play store.

Who should I contact iF I have a question or suggestion?

Please send an email to jenny@healint.com

How do I change the email address associated with my Migraine Buddy account?

  1. Tap the ‘settings’ icon on the top left corner of the Migraine Buddy home screen.

  2. Tap on MY PROFILE.

  3. Edit the email portion of the screen and tap on CONFIRM.

Oh no, I lost my data! What should I do?

Firstly, don’t panic! Your records are stored in a secure cloud server to prevent theft and loss. If there are missing records in your app, you should do a simple LOG OUT AND LOG IN. This saves the data and synchronises it from the server to the app again. If you are still facing issues, contact support@healint.com.

I faced a bug! What should I do?

To report bugs and technical issues, please email to jenny@healint.com. It would be greatly appreciated if you elaborated on the issues faced. Including supplementary screenshots would definitely be a bonus in helping us to find a solution for you.

How do I delete my Migraine Buddy account?

Please contact jenny@healint.com if you would like your account to be deleted. Do take note that doing so deletes all of your migraine records and you will not be able to retrieve them in the future. After account deletion, you may uninstall the app. Should you wish to start tracking your migraines again at a later time, you may reinstall the app and create a new account.

If you have any feedback or suggestions on how to improve Migraine Buddy, please email us at jenny@healint.com.

How do I change in-app language?

We are currently available in nine languages – English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and Korean.

Migraine Buddy automatically detects the language settings of your device.  If your phone is set to any of these nine languages, Migraine Buddy will automatically be set as such. Otherwise, the default language will be in English.

Where can I find more info on Healint?

Healint is the developer of Migraine Buddy, the mobile app and the blog. For more info you can visit Healint’s website.


Why should I use Migraine Buddy?

There are many reasons why you might want to use Migraine Buddy to track your migraines. The most frequent objective of users include finding likely triggers associated with their migraines so as to prevent future ones. With migraines having such a wide range of potential triggers, it is important to track all triggers, including weather, pressure, food, noise, etc.

You can also choose to track migraines to complement your medical treatment. Our export reports and customized reports offer a comprehensive view of your migraines and many users use this function to better communicate with their doctor. Besides this, the reports also can be used as documented proof for your employer and insurance agencies.

Other than this, after prolonged usage of Migraine Buddy, you should be also able to better understand your migraines for your own reference, be it in detecting commonalities in triggers, observing frequency of migraines, or if it coincides with environmental fluctuations.

Many users also use Migraine Buddy to track headaches instead of just migraines.

Feel free to explore how the app can benefit you!

I don’t menstruate! How do I turn off this option?

  1. Tap the ‘settings’ icon on the top left corner of the Migraine Buddy screen.

  2. Tap on MY PROFILE.

  3. Disable the option to SHOULD WE ASK ABOUT YOUR PERIOD?

You will no longer see the menstruation screen when inputting a migraine record.

How do I track weather/pressure?

For weather to be automatically recorded at the start of your migraine, you need to have location services enabled on your device. This also activates the Pressure Buddy feature on the app.

How do I activate ‘automatic sleep detection’?

For the sleep diary to function, you need to enable the following things on your device:

  • Location services

  • Motion and Fitness

  • Health

  • Notifications

For sleep detection to be accurate, you need to place your device on a stable surface when you sleep at night. You have the option to confirm your sleep times upon waking up in the morning.

How do I track pain fluctuations in a migraine record?

You are able to track pain fluctuations in the notes section of a migraine record.

  1. Tap MY RECORDS.

  2. Under the MIGRAINE tab, there is the option to edit each migraine entry and add NOTES. The automatic timestamp makes it convenient to track the exact timing of each pain fluctuation.