Dear Migraine Buddy Users,

Trust is everything. We want you to know and trust that we care about your safety and the information you share with us. You may have recently read the articles that mention Facebook has been gathering private data from applications such as Tinder, Pregnancy+ and others. These articles have been published on popular news sites that include BuzzFeedNews and We understand and have noted any of your current and potential concerns related to Migraine Buddy, especially since the application was mentioned in those articles.

With that being said, rest assured that Migraine Buddy DOES NOT share any of your personal data with Facebook.

I. What you need to know

To read about how we remain transparent, you may refer to Migraine Buddy’s Privacy Policy and read on about what types of information we do collect (and what steps you can take to be more in charge of your personal data). Because our privacy policy is a lengthy document, here are some of the key points of information:

As of today, 20% of you are using the Facebook login system. When you choose to log in through Facebook, the data Facebook collects is the fact that you are using Migraine Buddy, how many times you use it and how long. Facebook shares with Migraine Buddy your email, language, gender and birthdate.

Based on this information, if you feel uncomfortable about logging in to Migraine Buddy through your Facebook account, we would advise you to try other methods of login provided (e.g through your email address). Of course, this change will bring no loss of any existing migraine records in Migraine Buddy.

II. How to switch from Facebook login to email login

To change your login method to using your email address, you may do so by following these steps:

  1. On the main screen of Migraine Buddy, click on the ‘hamburger (three lines) icon’ on the top left corner.

  2. Click on ‘My Profile

  3. When you are using the Facebook log in system, the email you see at the top should be the email address you use for Facebook.

  4. Change the email shown at the top to another email address (skip to Step 6) Should you wish to keep the email address you use for Facebook, please follow on to Step 5.

  5. If your current FB email address is ‘’, you can make a simple change to your address e.g ‘’. Follow on with Step 6 onwards to change your account log in type to using email instead of Facebook and you can change back the email address to your Facebook email address again in the future following steps 1-4.

  6. A “Warning” message should pop up informing you of the change in email address. Click on ‘Continue’.

  7. Key in your new password and password confirmation for this new email address.

  8. You can now log in through the new email address you have just registered with.

Note: Again, your Migraine Buddy records will not be lost when you make the switch.

We sincerely apologise for any worries these articles may have caused and hope that any doubts generated by these articles are now clear. We aspire to continue to provide you with full transparency of the data we obtain through articles similar to this one, and you can trust that we highly value privacy and have your security at heart. Should you have any other queries regarding this matter, feel free to drop us a message at